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Jan Salanský is an independent creator whose approach steps beyond the frontiers of cultures, languages, disciplines, and styles. He creates designs that either observe or violate conventional crafting procedures, creating novel objects using traditional procedures. His work focuses on the detail and raw appearance of processed materials set in a context of place and time. He is a product of the Czech creative community in the Ještěd foothills. Jan is seconded by his brother Ondřej Salanský, his consultant, production and marketing team. They together form a dynamic duo of brothers introducing unique comprehensive solutions and procedures into design.

Completed projects

Project Climax Paradisi
Client Agentura regionílního rozvoje
Year 2022
Description CLIMAX PARADISI - The longest glass ladder in the world. The entire installation permeates two floors of the tower of the North Bohemian Museum, which was built in 1850. The first part consists of the glass ladder itself. In the second part, the ladder is complemented by silver clouds made of hand-blown metallurgical glass. The museum tower is therefore equipped with glass weighing over a quarter of a tonne. It is a permanent installation of the North Bohemian Museum. The Climax Paradisi installation awakens an irrepressible desire to climb higher. To reach the world of human knowledge and then beyond. A ladder, even on a symbolic level, can help us see beyond the known horizons. To connect the profane with the sacred. As a metaphor, it appears in almost all human beliefs. Climb the glass ladder from the depths of time up to the present. One rung at a time, you will approach the Crystal Valley, a beautiful corner of our country in northern Bohemia, where for centuries the most beautiful glass imaginable has been born. Climb to Climax Paradisi.


MgA. Jan Salanský  
Ruprechtická 365/15
Czech Republic
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Jan Salanský
+420 724 275 901
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