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Veronika Loušová

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Veronika Loušová, a designer who graduated from UMPRUM and is the founder of the organization CZECHDESIGN.CZ, is known for her work in the field of design. In addition to her own design projects, she also writes articles, gives lectures, and provides design consultancy services. Her work emphasizes ergonomics, design, and the specific needs of users. One of the main topics she focuses on is special kitchens for self-care training for individuals with visual impairments. Veronika has developed her own unique solutions and designs for these kitchens and has successfully completed six projects for Tyfloservis, o.p.s., as well as two kitchens for special schools for children.

Completed projects

Project Student kitchen for self-care training
Client Škola Jaroslava Ježka v Praze
Year 2022
Description These training kitchens serve to educate and train students from special primary and secondary schools in the area of independent cooking and food preparation. Each session includes a teacher, an assistant, and up to six students. The practice kitchens are spacious and meet the requirements for workspace and storage. Although each student has a specific visual impairment, it is not feasible to customize multiple different work environments. Therefore, the kitchen design is a compromise solution that suits the majority of students with a certain degree of individual adjustment. The key aspect is clear spatial orientation, which is achieved through the use of color contrasts.


Veronika Loušová
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Veronika Loušová
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