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Studio Divize is a group of independent graphic designers Sára Bergmannová, Tomáš Brychta, Karla Gondeková and Jana Hrnčířová. Since 2015 studio runs its own space in Prague 7. It focuses on the creation of corporate identities, visual identities of exhibitions and other cultural events or on the graphic design of books, catalogs and other publications. The studio is locally and personally connected with the paper and bookbinding brand Reformát.

Completed projects

Project Archevita
Client Archevita
Year 2022
Description The Archevita multimedia archaeological exhibition has its exhibition spaces in Roztoky near Prague. The exhibition draws the visitor into the period from the Younger Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. For the unique exhibitions, it was necessary to create a visual identity that can communicate comprehensively both with visitors of preschool and school age, as well as with professionals who specialize in archaeology. The visual style emphasizes the connection of the present with the past. The supporting element of Archevita's visual style is a custom typeface. The Archevita font is an open grotesque that takes inspiration from prehistoric drawing and incorporates key elements of typeface development – an example is the inverted alternative letter "A" sign that symbolizes a bull. The typography is complemented by a varied set of pictograms, which at the same time function as separate illustrations, accompanying the entire visual communication of the exhibition.


Studio Divize
MgA. Tomáš Brychta  
U Studánky 241/29
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Tomáš Brychta
+420 774146569

Language skills: English, Spanish

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  • Faculty of Art and design, University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, CZ

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