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KOGAA creates substance for the built environment, committing to architectural and urban planning projects with a positive impact on users, communities, and the local context. Through our projects, the practice tackles the issue of inactive structures and their adaptation into substitute functions. Based on a strong belief that the more the architect is involved in the whole process, the more efficient, coherent, and sustainable the building is, KOGAA takes pride in leading projects throughout the whole process from the strategy and business plan, through concept and feasibility studies, to technical documentation and getting the permissions, all the way to construction administration, and the strategy to generate attraction.

Completed projects

Project AIR SQUARE - transportable venue
Client KOGAA
Year 2022
Description AIR SQUARE is a transportable venue that activates underused urban spaces by bringing them purpose and a vibrant public life. It responds to the need to alleviate climate change issues by tackling overexposed heat islands and lack of green and livable public spaces. The upper ring is designed as a large shading system that mitigates, cools, and delivers refuge from heat. At night it provides illumination to dark and less safe urban corners. INCLUSIVE: Built for diversity and equality, ensures barrier-free access and permeability within the city flow MODULAR, DURABLE, REUSABLE: Made of CNC cut plywood planks with minimum waste in cut-outs, the foundation is designed as a modular system composed of vertical legs and horizontal benches. Components are bolted together to form a circular load bearing structure providing stability to the body ADAPTABLE: Positionable benches enable for multiple functions and programs such as public functions, performances, farmers markets, or serving as an all-in-one public furniture with seating, lighting, and shading in one AIR SQUARE creates a space that boosts the quality of life in our cities and ensure more fulfilling ways of living together


KOGAA studio s.r.o.
KOGAA studio  
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