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Roman Kvita is young designer based in Prague, focuses especially on product design. However, his overall view is wide: from glass, furniture, or interior solutions, to exhibition architecture. “The scale does not matter. What does matter, is a flair for detail, concept and compact unit.”

Completed projects

Project Kristiánov - expozice skla pro MSB Jablonec
Client Muzeum Skla a Bižuterie v Jablonci nad Nisou
Year 2017
Description Design and realization of a permanent exhibition of the Kristiánov glass settlement. The interior combines the story and the history of the site with the products that were typical of the glassworks. The exhibition is penetrated by glass bars and tubes as a basic material for the production of legendary jewelery goods. The mobiliary works with the aesthetics of chandelier trimmings. Exhibits and goods are exposed so that everyone can explore and grasp them closely. There is a touch section with beads of various sizes and jewelery stones or buttons. The exhibition is dominated by the reconstructed diorama model of the original buildings of the settlement, which is complemented by information boards. The upper part of the cottage is treated as a playroom for children. It contains an interactive kit, where the player will get a ducat with GPS coordinates, where the treasure is in the vicinity. This way, children with their parents can discover the surrounding terrain of the settlement motivated by the vision of finding a jewelery treasure. In the surrounding area, signs with a visual and textual description of original buildings are installed too.


Roman Kvita Design
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