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MgA. Jiří Krejčiřík

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My name is Jiri Krejcirik, a multidisciplinary designer based in Prague. My practice embraces a broad spectrum of disciplines and methods – it transcends the barriers between art and design, from product design through furniture, lighting, glass, interior and spatial design. Whether designing for a client or developing my own self–initiated projects or gallery objects, I always apply the same thorough attention to context, process and detail. As a result, my entire portfolio is characterised by a coherent visual language threading the historical and the cultural through a contemporary lens – with an unexpected edge. Embracing a tradition of craftsmanship, each product is hand-crafted locally, in the Czech Republic, produced in a limited series and being displayed only in meticulously chosen galleries and design showrooms in Europe.

Completed projects

Project Furniture
Client various
Year 2021
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MgA. Jiří Krejčiřík
MgA. Jiří Krejčiřík  
Jakutská 1204
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Language skills: Slovak, English, Czech


  • Designblok Award 2021 / Best lighting collection / Winner // Designblok Award 2019 / Best new product by a designer / Winner // DesignBlok Award 2017 / Rückl / Installation / Main Prize Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 by iF International Forum Design, Germany /Concept of puriness – Bachelor thesis / One of the six winners Exhibitions: 2021 / Bratislava Design Week, Apponyi Palace / Art House – Designblok, Saint Gabriel Church, Prague/ Design without borders, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest/ Paris Design Week, Boon Room/ Milano Design Week, Rossana Orlandi Master Gallery, Milan/ New Glass Selection, Kvalitar, Prague Education: Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of design and art, Product and Industrial design Led by doc. ak. soch. František Pelikán / The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Copenhagen. Furniture and Interior design Led by Søren Holst, Thomas Harrit, Claus Asp, Andreas Lund and Mark Tingkov

Membership in professional organizations

Collaborations with galleries Rossana Orlandi Gallery / Milano, Italy BOON_ROOM / Paris, France Kvalitar Gallery / Prague, Czech Republic Modernista / Prague, Czech Republic DOX by Qubus / Prague, Czech Republic Praguekabinet / Prague, Czech Republic Art Design Gallery / Prague, Czech Republic Artiseme / Prague, Czech Republic Deelive / Prague, Czech Republic Debut / Prague, Czech Republic Pragartworks / Prague, Czech Republic Slavica / Bratislava, Slovakia Delisart / Lugano, Switzerland Movimento / London, United Kingdom The Artling / Singapore & Shanghai, Asia