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Studio Linda Havrlíková

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A clothing studio from the Czech Republic uses local raw wool for the production of traditional 100% wool cloth. Environmental friendliness is very important to the studio, which is why all production steps are supervised, from the cutting of the sheep's fleece to the creation of the final garment.

Completed projects

Project Can You Feed Your Coat?
Client Linda Havrlíková
Year 2019
Description Linda Havrlíková uses exclusively local sheep's wool to produce 100% woolen fabric and sews women's coats from the produced fabric. Being environmentally friendly is very important to Linda, which is why she oversees all production steps, from the shearing of the sheep's fleece to the final garment. Everything blends with the natural passage of time.
Awards Award of the Ministry of the Environment "Reduced production, UMPRUM for the future", project "Can You Feed Your Coat?".


Studio Linda Havrlíková
Linda Havrlíková  
Janov 24
Česká republika
Contact person
+420 602357550
Year of foundation

Language skills: English, Czech

Field affliation


  • - Sewing// sufficient knowledge in sewing techniques and garment production - Pattern cutting// sufficient knowledge of designing, creating and modifying patterns for garment production. - Fashion design// proficient in the design and creation of a fashion collection - Digital imagery// knowledgeable and proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, - Screen printing// proficient knowledge in preparation and development of patterns for screen printing, developing screens and printing - Knitting// experience in the production of machine knitted textiles - Weaving// experience in hand weaving and machine weaving. - Fashion illustration and technical sketches// knowledge of illustration of the fashion figure, garments and textures.

Membership in professional organizations

Association of textile-clothing-leather industry (ATOK)