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Studio Zdravý design was born thanks to designer’s Věra Kunhartová dream about creative life in the field of medical equipment and everyday lifestyle, which has not always just nice side. Health and improving lifestyle through state-of-the-art design of medical products is our focus in medical field as well as in private. Although the function stays the main criterion. When looking for a beauty in closer or wider ability limitations, we closely cooperate step by step with those, who the product is made for. Of course we go along to the whole process from the first idea to the final viable product.

Completed projects

Project Seiza
Client absolventská práce FUD, UJEP
Year 2013
Description The adjustable and active wheelchair Seiza, was inspired by the traditional Japanese kneeling position. The main target of the project was to point out problems with current active wheelchairs and find a new solution for sitting in the wheelchair. The project is largely devoted to rehabilitation, physiology and ergonomics of the human body for prevention of additional injuries and problems caused by sitting for long periods of time and uneasy physical manipulation. The standout feature of the Seiza wheelchair is the all-important medical benefit of the user being able to switch between sitting and kneeling, which transfers pressure that has been accumulated from unaltered sitting for a long time, to a different part of the body. This works positively for prevention of additional injuries and discomfort.
Awards Excellent Student Design Award – National Student Award 2013 Press Award – National Student Award 2013 Studio of Product Design Award for diploma project – FUD, UJEP.


Zdravý design s.r.o.
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