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Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák met while studying at VŠUP, where they began their collaboration. Together they also completed an internship at Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, where their work was awarded several times. After graduating from VŠUP in Prague, they became part of the emerging fresh generation of Czech designers with a wide range of interests and a professional approach to work. Since then, they have been among the sought-after and respected creators. They are mainly engaged in projects in the field of architecture, interiors and product design. Their clients include Adidas, Avast, Belda Factory, Brokis, Devoto, Egoé, Heineken, Jitona, Javorina, Moravské sklárny Květná, KKCG, Klier, Krušovice, Lasvit, Lugi, mmcité, Padok Investment, Pytloun hotels, Rim, Ruukki, Šalanda, Tereza Maxová, Teroforma, U1, USSPA, UP závody, Verreum, etc. Since 2016, they have been leading the Furniture and Interior Design Studio (D2) at VŠUP in Prague.

Completed projects

Project Yard
Client Ravak
Year 2021
Description The name Yard is based on the location of the area between the walls. This creates an intimate space for hygiene products. The washbasin collection is inspired by classic hanging washbasins, where a storage area was always present without the need for furniture. In the bathroom, we surround ourselves with a multitude of everyday products and these cause a great deal of visual ballast. The main advantage of washbasins is the location of the storage area under the edge of the washbasin, so that products are visually suppressed but still at hand. The shape of the washbasins is based on a blending of circular and angular morphology. The design of the washbasin is supported by a steel console that hides the fittings and hot and cold water valves.The washbasins are available in the following versions: 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, corner and basin.
Awards 2022 Czech Grand Design in the Designer of the Year category 2022 Czech Grand Design, Grand Designer of the Year


MgA. Roman Vrtiška Vladimír Žák  
Křižíkova 64
Česká republika
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Language skills: English, Czech, German

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  • 2022 Designer of the Year Czech Grand Design, Grand Designer of the Year Czech Grand Design, Red Dot in Urban Design category, Big SEE in Wooden Design category | 2020 Big SEE in Hospitality category | 2019 EDIDA (absolute winner), Designblok Award (best furniture collection) | 2018 Architecture of the Year, Big SEE (installation category), Designblok Award (Best New Product) | 2016 Designblok Award (Best Furniture and Best Designer Installation) | 2014 Grand Prix For Furniture, Designblok Award (Best Product) | 2013 EDIDA | 2011 Dobry Wzor (PL) | 2009 Czech Grand Design | 2008 Outstanding Design, National Award for Student Design

Membership in professional organizations

Head of the Furniture and Interior Design Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.