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We are a multidisciplinary design team from Prague with a Vision: To define design as a tool of positive impact. With this in mind we conduct design research, create products and services, lead workshops, share experiences and build new ventures. Let's design!

Completed projects

Project Sto skupin
Client Sto Skupin
Year 2022
Description Quality care for children aged 1-6 years in the Czech Republic is our number one priority. That is why we are establishing 100 high-standard children's groups throughout the country. We want to take care of 1,200-3,600 young children and give parents the opportunity to return more easily to work and society, if that's what they want. Advantages of opening a children's group? 📌 There are 12 children in each group between 1-6 years of age, who are looked after by two nannies in a home environment. So there is enough time for the individual development of each of them. 📌 We are creating additional capacities for preschool children, thereby supporting the easier return of parents to work. 📌 We create strong communities of parents and children in a given locality, which we actively support. 📌 We are creating new jobs for teachers and nannies throughout the country. 📌 We give the general public the opportunity to support the Hundred Groups mission so that the establishment of groups goes faster and helps more families. 📌 Unlike kindergartens, setting up a group is faster and less expensive. Even so, it's expensive and complicated, any help is welcome.


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