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Petr Císař

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Profesionální grafik a web designer, který pro vás rád vytvoří webové stránky, logo, design tiskovin.

Completed projects

Project Typesetting and Book Design
Client Ing. Iva Bastlová DiS.
Year 2020
Description After the great success of her previous book, Colours, Trends, Interiors, the author turned to me again for the graphics and typesetting. From the feedback I received, I really liked the previous book, which made it even more of a challenge for me. On the other hand, there is no greater challenge for a graphic designer than to outdo himself. The book is thematically related to the previous one, so the brief was to do the same and yet different. How did I design and DTP the book? This time you can read about the details of the interior design. The aforementioned word detail runs through the entire design of the book, on every page you immediately know what category you are in, which makes for a clearer reading experience. The book contains not only large and clear photos of the interior, but also simple drawings that will help you get a clearer idea of the result in advance.


Petr Císař
Petr Císař  
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Petr Císař
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