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Completed projects

Project Bautype
Client Randomers
Year 2021
Description Bautype is an internal project of Randomers studio. Bautype is a creative game that consists of assembling letters or other shapes from geometric particles made of wood and painted in four basic colors. It has a total of 54 pieces of various shapes and sizes, which are part of the typography designed by Eva Kalužová and inspired by the Bauhaus art school. In addition to teaching the alphabet, it also develops artistic and creative thinking, thanks to 26 art cards belonging to each letter. In this way, Bautype introduces children up to 4 years into the world of artistic concepts, famous artworks and artists, thus emphasizing and educating in this area. On the back of each card you will find a proposal for a creative task, which is associated with the text and the work on the card. Tasks and designs can be accomplished using geometric pieces, drawing, or debating a concept. Studio Randomers created this game from initial typography, design, branding, web:, graphic materials, packaging, MDF wood cutting on laser, coloring with ecological colors, to a successful campaign of crowdfunding, social media @bautypegame and the whole communication strategy offline and online.


Randomers – Creative Lab
Eva Kaluzova  
Porici 124/3
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