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Kayu - Osobní Psací Potřeby

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I design writing instruments, especially pens. In 2015 I entered the market with our first models of wooden fountain pens Kayu Egino and Kayu PURO. The pens were of our own design and manufacture. Three years later, we completed the development of two new pens: the Kayu Kuka Long-Writing dip pen and the Kayu 130 patented aluminum fountain pen. Regarding writing instruments, the highest priority for me is function. Every model I try to take a step further in terms of usability, the external aesthetics of the product must not be at the expense of functionality. The first Egino and PURO pens are fitted with a magnetic opening/closing, while the dipping Kuka can write for a few minutes within one dip. The latest model, the Kayu 130, is equipped with a rvanishing nib in addition to the magnetic closure and was granted a Czech patent in September 2019.

Completed projects

Project Kayu 130
Client Layu
Year 2018
Description Ideal spot for gripping, a cap you cannot lose, good weight and a balanced, clean and functional design. We have tried to cure all these common maladies of classic fountain pens in Kayu 130. The straight and smooth shape without any edges both open and close, a vanishing point fi xed with a magnetic cap and a patented aluminum stainless construction. All these features make Kayu 130 a unique pen for both everyday writing and more advanced projects.
Awards Czech patent no. 307915


Kayu - Osobní Psací Potřeby
Mgr. Michal Klaška  
Nedvědice č. ev. 17
Česká republika
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Language skills: Slovak, English, Czech, German

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  • Master degree in Psychology, MU Brno

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