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Cockerel Prague s.r.o.

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Fashion design, Textile design, Design of Textile interior accessories, Upholstered furniture design, Tableware. Cockerel is a fashion label based in Prague. It creates limited series of original woollen sweaters for men and women, together with interior furnishings such as pillows, blankets, shawls, lampshades and hand-blown vases with knitted covers. All of our products are made of a 100% extra-fine Merino wool called Cashwool®, supplied exclusively by the world-famous company Zegna Baruffa, which makes its yarns in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This soft, luxurious wool was born out of intensive research in the late 1970s, and it combines aesthetic beauty with a material of the highest quality. The secret of Cashwool ® lies in the expert selection of the raw materials, with only the finest parts of the fleece chosen to create a soft, fluffy and luxurious-feeling yarn.

Completed projects

Project Stojí to za houby & Jdi k šípku
Client Qubus s.r.o.
Year 2021
Description The mini-collection "Bullshit & It's pretty shitty" was created in the time of the Coronavirus. A literal translation is not possible. The title is slang. It is a mixed collection of sweaters, vases and jars with a knitted cover, with a funny to absurd theme, pointing to the powerlessness to realize oneself in the mentioned period.


Cockerel Prague s.r.o.
MgA. Lenka Kohoutová  
Nad Závěrkou 13
Česká republika
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+420 776 800 193

Language skills: English, Czech, French

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The Woolmark Company Umprum (Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague)