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We create innovative, emotional and meaningful designs of your products and services that best satisfy your needs and are in sync with given circumstances.

Completed projects

Project Vera
Client Urmet ATE
Year 2018
Description Vera is a Smart Telecare HUB home device, that induces the feeling of accessible ubiquitous help. It is a competition entry, unfortunately it was not awarded. Its connection is not only among devices but mainly it connects people who are always on the go via a remote control which is embodied into a wrist wearable. Vera is designed to support people in emergency situations by clear hierarchy of elements and intuitive structure of all features. Vera presents high level of technical details such as the mounting bosses and supports for internal parts which makes it possible to mass produce. We see an innovation in order of internal elements. A unique internal structure is reflected in cylindrical shape which is an intuitive way, to create a platform to establish a meeting point for both plug-in and wireless devices across home. It has also a practical use, when a power cable is fixed between two plastic parts. Its delicate colours and details make people consider Vera a homewear rather than another home appliance. Moreover, this proposal takes into account production costs. The housing is made of three injection moulded plastic parts, which is a minimal to embody all functionalities.


vinvin studio
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