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We are atelier of product and in-store design, focused to design of furniture, store equipment, cafe, restaurants, office and others commercial interiors. We are looking forward to design everything between human and architecture.

Completed projects

Project Tantum pipes
Client Tantum Pipes
Year 2019
Description Tantum Pipes is a timeless pipe design with classic shapes, which originated in the Czech Republic. The best available materials were used for its production. With a height of 775 mm and a 145 mm width, the complete pipe boasts a weight of only 1980 g, this is mainly due to titanium being the only metal used on the pipe. The clear glass jar is followed by a thread, which smoothly passes to the body part, through the plate to the thorn. All removable pipe parts are screwed together using threads. The smoke passes through the body, which is wrapped in an extremely hard and durable Wenge wood that is also used to make the crown, which has an insert of high quality and harmless to health silicone. The titanium HMS is equipped with a fine indentation at the bottom to maintain a stable carbon temperature and fits precisely on the crown. Multifunctional pliers are traditionally used for carbon treatment as well as for the easy handling of HMS. The handle is made from the same wood as the entire pipe on the titanium tendon. The thread is attached to it with a clear, silicone health-friendly hose into which the titanium end is embedded on the opposite side, intended for entering the centre of the pipe. Due to using silicone parts, the pipe requires no sealing. Accessories include titanium pliers as well as a HMS hatch.


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